Many people think that “therapy” is only for people with psychological disorders. However, it is common for people who are essentially healthy, well-functioning individuals to struggle with a particular aspect of their lives. No-one has all the answers on how to deal with everything life throws at them, or instinctively knows how they wish to be in the many contexts that they have to negotiate in life. People often want to change a single habit or pattern that lead them into unwanted situations time and again, or to work on a specific aspect of themselves that they wish to change. It is in such instances that short-term counselling can be of immense transformative value. My goal as counsellor is to create a safe, objective space in which my clients can address the issues that they feel are keeping them from living life as they wish to.

I utilise short, targeted techniques to assist clients in creating the changes they desire. While long term therapy has undisputed benefits, a practically oriented, short-term approach can be particularly effective for many of the difficulties that people experience in every-day life. This approach can also make counselling accessible to those with significant constraints on their time or finances.

I believe that my clients have the ability to make their own life choices as they see fit, and that my role is to facilitate the process of change that they wish to bring about. I am a firm believer in my clients’ right to make their own lifestyle choices, and that such choices are not inherently problematic simply because they might fall outside the general norm. Non-judgment and acceptance are the guiding principles of my counselling and coaching approach.