My workshops have been designed to provide practical information, skills and techniques that can be implemented to make immediate and lasting changes to improve your quality of life. The workshops can be attended in an individual capacity, or can be booked by groups and organisations.

Introduction to NLP

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a psychological model with a very wide range of applications. This workshop focuses specifically on utilising NLP concepts for personal growth. It provides attendees with a solid understanding of the foundational principles of NLP that are then practically applied to put an end to self-sabotaging mental habits and to improve well-being.

The skills learnt in this workshop can help you reach your goals both personally and professionally, and can help you improve your interpersonal relationships by teaching you how to communicate more effectively.

Duration: 2 days

Stress Management

We all have to deal with high demands on our mental and emotional resources. We live in a constant state of stress that adversely affects our health and our ability to experience joy and contentment in life. While no course can remove your sources of stress, this workshop will provide you with practical skills to minimise the negative effects of stress on your life, relationships and health.

This workshop is co-presented with Anita Botha of Camino Coaching.

Duration: 2 days

TIR training

This workshop provides attendees with the theoretical and practical skill-set to apply the TIR technique to help others overcome the effects of trauma. As such the workshop is suitable for anyone who works with clients in need of trauma counselling. TIR has been accepted by the National Registry of Evidence Based Practices (NREBP) in the United States as a proven effective technique with which to address trauma and PTSD.

The workshop is co-presented with Yvonne Retief, a registered TIR trainer with TIRA in the US.

Duration: 4 days

Social workers and Dutch Reformed Pastors will earn 20 CPD points on attending this workshop