Free Your Present From Your Past

If there is one thing almost everyone would agree on, it is that life is not easy. It is full of unexpected twists and turns, and the most difficult challenges are impossible to prepare for. Furthermore, while we tend to have compartmentalized lives in which we play different roles in different contexts, we are not compartmentalized beings – anything that affects us deeply affects us in all aspects of life. Grief, anxiety, trauma, and difficult emotions do not wait until it is convenient for us to demand our attention. This is why I believe that everyone could use some support on occasion. Everyone is faced with challenges that they do not know how to navigate. Everyone suffers. My goal is to reduce that suffering for my clients, and thereby to increase not only their ability to thrive, but also their capacity to make choices that are right for them, and to provide kindness and support to their loved ones I help people make the changes they desire by using short, targeted techniques. While long term therapy has undisputed benefits, a practically oriented, short-term approach can be particularly effective for life’s common challenges. This approach can also make counselling accessible to those with constraints on their time or finances. I believe that my clients have the ability to make their own life choices as they see fit, and that my role is to facilitate the process of change that they wish to bring about. A respect for personal agency is the guiding principle of my counselling approach, and I am supportive of sex workers and people with non-mainstream relationship or sexual practices. I am also informed on current developments in Neurodivergence, and supportive of self-diagnoses. Lastly, this is a secular practice. While clients are welcome to discuss their spirituality in our sessions, my approach is secular does not involve or reference religion or religious practices.