Our intimate relationships are one of the biggest contributors to our overall state of well-being. Unfortunately, we tend to enter into relationships with a host of assumptions about how relationships work, and what our roles in relationships are supposed to be. In addition, each party has their own personal challenges that affect how they interact with others, and it is those we love the most who see us at out worst. It is no wonder then that after some time together, many people find that their intimate relationships become a source of tension and anxiety instead of a resource for comfort and support. There may still be a lot of love, and a desperate wish to “make things work” while being at a loss as to how to so. It is my belief that a healthy relationship is one in which both partners are loved, respected, and accepted for who they truly are. This means that the parties involved, and no-one else, decide how they want to manage their relationship. Often this involves a process of re-negotiating (or negotiating for the first time) their roles and agreements in the context of their relationship. I provide a safe and neutral space in which my clients can examine what exactly they want out of life, and out of their relationships. I facilitate the examination of assumptions and beliefs that keep my clients from having the relationships they desire and assist them in making the real-life changes they choose to make in order to live, and love, as they wish to.