I offer a variety of workshops for professional development and personal growth. By keeping group sizes small I ensure maximum individual attention and a collaborative, engaging learning atmosphere.

Workshops can be booked individually, as a group, or by organizations and can be presented online or in-person.


Do you need an effective tool with which to help others deal with the effects of trauma? Then this workshop could be just what you have been looking for. TIR is an Imaginal Exposure technique that enables people to fully process and integrate their memories of traumatic events. Those who have been guided through the TIR process report either a disappearance or significant reduction of trauma symptoms such as hyper-vigilance, flashbacks, disturbances of sleep or appetite, intrusive thought,s and fears related to the trauma (for example, a fear of driving).

TIR is practiced in 22 countries world-wide, and has been acknowledged by the National Registry of Evidence Based Practices (NREPP) in the USA as one of the accepted effective techniques to address Trauma and PTSD in war veterans.

TIR Workshop Dates

Workshop dates remaining 2024:

3, 4, 10 & 11 October (Excludes Practical Sessions)

Registration closes: 24 September

Early registration discount valid until: 13 September

9:00 – 16:00 daily SAST (GMT+2)

Please note that the practical sessions take place OUTSIDE of the listed workshop hours, making the total duration 5 days. This allows attendees to schedule the practical work at a time that is convenient to them.
My workshop format is slightly different to the standard TIR workshop, as I include extra information on trauma and the body, TIR and bereavement, providing online TIR sessions, and working with particularly vulnerable clients.

I also spread the workshop out over 2 weeks as this allows more time to fully comprehend and integrate the new information.

Lastly, by scheduling the workshop and practical sessions in this way, I am able to individually supervise every practical session, rather than try to supervise everyone at the same time. This means that you will have two recordings of yourself facilitating a session, with individual comments from me. This is a valuable learning tool.

Who can attend?

This course is suitable for anyone who comes into contact with traumatized individuals in a helping capacity. Since the technique follows a very strict protocol, previous counselling training is not essential. TIR is a useful tool for psychologists, social workers, counsellors, coaches, and alternative healing practitioners.

What will you learn?

Through theory, practical work, and demonstration videos, you will be thoroughly prepared to be able to use the techniques by the end of the workshop. The workshop content covers:
• Theory of trauma
• Understanding the Applied Metapsychology approach on which TIR and a large number of other techniques are based
• Theory and practice of the Unblocking technique – a very effective technique to assist people with relationships and situations in which they are having difficulties.
• Theory and practice of the TIR technique
• Application of the TIR technique to long-lasting personal issues such as recurring unwanted thoughts, feelings, attitude and emotional responses.

On successful completion of the workshop you will:

• Be able to address a variety of personal difficulties using the TIR and Unblocking techniques.
• Be able to effectively resolve the symptoms of trauma
• Receive a certificate of attendance from the Traumatic Incident Reduction Association (TIRA) in the USA
• Be eligible to Join TIRA-South Africa, membership of which includes being listed as a TIR workshop graduate on their website as well as discounts to symposiums and forums.
• Be eligible to attend the advanced workshops to learn a wide variety of Applied Metapsychology techniques, including how to draw up a case plan for a new client, how to address a large number of personal issues and difficulties, and how to work with traumatized children.
• Be eligible to complete an internship to become a Certified Facilitator with TIRA USA. This is the first step to becoming a  Certified TIR trainer and Senior Trainer (a trainer who is qualified to present the two advanced workshops that follows on the TIR training).


R5 600*pp
Register early to qualify for a R500 discount, and pay only R5 100

Payment plans can be made by arrangement

*this is the subsidized South African rate, please contact me for international rates

How to register

Please contact me at elizabeth.retief@gmail.com to register


Getting on the same team – How to build collaborative relationships

Healthy relationships start with a healthy sense of self and good boundaries. We cannot connect with others if we do not feel safe with them, and we cannot feel safe with others if we are not secure within ourselves. The Relationship Skills Workshop gives you practical tools to understand yourself and your loved ones better, and to communicate in ways that strengthen intimacy and build a sense of partnership, even during conflict.

Through eight weekly 2/2½-hour sessions, you will learn about collaborative relationship management, attachment styles, how to communicate well and avoid and manage emotional triggers, and the fundamentals of TA, a practical system that will help you understand and heal you.

Discussions are kept general, and you won’t be required to divulge personal experiences. Weekly tasks give you the chance to put the workshop skills into practice through self-led exercises, helping you to talk through issues with partners and strengthen your relationships. These weekly tasks and discussions will guide your personal growth as you take on an active role in building better communication habits.

You are welcome to attend the Relationship Skills workshop on your own or with people with whom you want to build a secure, healthy relationship. By understanding yourself, you will discover the key to making your relationships collaborative instead of adversarial.

My workshops are polyamory friendly and teaches skills that can improve any relationship, regardless of it’s structure.

Counsellors and coaches can also attend these workshops to learn about the collaborative relationship approach, attachment theory, Non-Violent Communication and Transactional Analysis, and to gain a useful set of questions and exercises for their clients.


To be determined. Please contact me if you are interested in attending this workshop and I will keep you informed when the next one is scheduled


R1 800*pp (Subsidized South African Rate)
USD 200 (International Rate)

Payments can be made in 2 – 4 installments.

e-mail me at elizabeth.retief@gmail.com for more information or to register


Have you ever noticed how often your own thoughts serve to sap your motivation and make you miserable, angry, or afraid? If you would like to learn how to recognize negative mental habits and replace them with ones that support you rather than sabotage you, this short skills training workshop might be just what you have been looking for.

Based on the principles of NLP, this workshop will teach you:
• To be self-encouraging rather than self-sabotaging
• Some simple adjustments to your current habits that can increase your happiness and sense of well-being
• Techniques to examine your own motives and values for better self-understanding
• The foundational principles of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Duration: 1 day


We all have to deal with high demands on our mental and emotional resources. We live in a constant state of stress that adversely affects our health and our ability to experience joy and contentment in life. While no course can remove your sources of stress, this workshop will provide you with practical skills to minimize the negative effects of stress on your life, relationships and health.

Duration: 1 Day